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Formerly known as “ABD Memory Training Center”, The Brain Republic Inc. (TBR) is Founded by Anne Bernadette Bonita, better known as Coach AB Bonita. TBR is the leading Memory Enhancement and Mind Sports training center in the Philippines offering Seminars and Workshops in the country and across the globe.

📌 We’ve had several students, KIDS and ADULTS, from the following countries, which includes but not limited to the following places:

USA (Hawaii, California, New York, Chicago, Texas, Virginia)




The Netherlands

United Kingdom




Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao)




New Zealand

The Brain Republic’s Team of experienced coaches and Memory Athletes headed by Coach AB Bonita, has produced several International Memory Champions, Academic Excellence Awardees, Board Exam Passers, and is now known as the Top Mind Enhancement and Memory Sports training school in the Philippines.

with THE BRAIN REPUBLIC, you can expect to:

ACCELERATE your Learning!
ACE any exam!
Cure absentmindedness!
Memorize like a GENIUS!
Shorten Study Hours!
… and many more!!!

Accepting students from 9 to 70+ yrs old. SERIOUSLY!

There is no age barrier to people who are enthusiastic and passionate about learning. Brain exercises and the Memory Trainings are perfect for students, employees, board exam takers, professionals, memory sports enthusiasts, and many more.

The Brain Republic employs non-traditional style of teaching. Moreover, the team has conducted memory enhancement seminars/workshops across the globe and has coached several professionals such as Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Managers, Supervisors, Deans, Businessmen, Owners of multi-million peso companies, and children/grandchildren of our country’s Business Magnates.

You may visit the Review Section to read Feedback from students who has completed the program. 🙂 https://thebrainrepublicph.com/feedback-page/

Among TBR’s recent accomplishments includes being able to produce the Philippines’ Youngest International and Grandmasters of Memory ages 13 and 16 respectively who has competed with the World’s brightest minds. Coach AB Bonita and her students has also been featured in different major television shows at the country’s prime media networks including CNN Philippines, GMA 7’s 24 Oras and ABS-CBN’s Little Big Shots Philippines & Vietnam.

In the Education Sector, Coach AB Bonita has conducted a Memory Enhancement Seminar at Medical Technology (MedTech) Students of Notre Dame of Marbel University, South Cotabato last 2016 and 2017 where the Board Exam Takers of the said course reportedly got 100% Passing Rate at the MedTech Licensure Examination last August 2017 and another 100% passing rate at the recent RMT Licensure Exam last March 2018.

For the Philippines and other countries (except for CANADA), email thebrainrepublic@gmail.com

For Canada, Contact Ms. Madellene Andrukow at maandrukow@gmail.com

Business Opportunities / International Partners


Led by CEO Madellene Andrukow and Head Coach AB Bonita

ANDRUKOW, a social enterprise combining social outreach programs for the indigenous, disabled, and disadvantaged people. To give a sense of dignity through earning an honest living. To empower, employ and most of all provide opportunities to be a productive member of society. Our mission is to help solve global deep-rooted issues.

Andrukow will revolutionize the agriculture industry utilizing innovative technology throughout metropolitan markets around the globe. Management is currently seeking strategic capital contributions dedicated towards the equipment needed for operations, leasehold improvement of the initial facility and other working capital needs to quickly scale and grow the brand.

Andrukow ensures the stability of crop production and maintaining reliability even in adverse climatic conditions and provides the best high-quality produce through the use of cutting-edge technology to focus on automating the whole production process.

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FOR CANADA, Contact Ms. Madellene Andrukow at maandrukow@gmail.com

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