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***Formerly ABD Memory Training Center,
here is what THE BRAIN REPUBLIC students and parents have to say…

Si Ms. AB Bonita. Memory teacher ko yun. Aba, magaling na teacher yan! Kung minsan di ba, dahil sa “kabataan”… dahil bumabata tayo, eh [nagkakaroon tayo ng] failing memory.  Ang ginagawa nitong si AB Bonita, ini-stimulate nya yung brain mo.  Talagang pinag-iisip ka.  Ngayon matalas na ang [memory ko]. Madali na akong [makaalala]. Noong araw, hindi ako maka-remember kung minsan ng mga pangalan.”
Ramon Tulfo, Media Personality, Columnist, 74 yrs. old, Senior Citizen

The Memory Olympic is a surprise for me. I never knew that there is such an athletic event.  I only started to know about this when I had lessons with Coach AB… This kind of event will hone people.
In the same way our body needs exercise, our mind also needs exercise.
~ Atty. Kim Jacinto-Henares, former BIR Commissioner

Perfect Training modules from the best Memory Training Center! Looking forward to enhancing my memory more and indulging to one of the best sports I know. The training I had will definitely help me in my studies considering the mountain of information I have to memorize. Definitely recommended!
~ Christopher Valentin,
Summa Cum Laude, MedTech Student/Board Passer, Far Eastern University

When I asked the kids how the training was, Paula answered, “Mom, I think I’m going to get gold awards this school year” (Paula is an awardee in school, but she feels she will level up even more). Matthew answered, “I feel so smart”. Patty (no grades below 90) answered, “It’s really fun mom…”
~ Marj Defensor-Lopez, mother of 3 kids enrolled at ABD;
Matthew – Ateneo
; Paula – Paref Rosehill School for the Girls;

My sister saw Jan Jelo Juanir at Little Big Shots and because she was so amazed, she advised me to watch it.  And we were so impressed, that prompted me to look for Coach AB Bonita. And the rest is history. With 5 medals last competition, I told Jaychelle that quota na sya for the whole school year. Ang goal na nmin is to compete abroad. And with coach AB and her very friendly and supportive staff,
I know that my Jaychelle can do it.
~ Judge Michelle Manaig-Calumpong (Mother of Jaychelle Calumpong, De La Salle University)

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to you for teaching me Coach AB. Memory techniques and many more are the real reason why you are the best of all time. You helped make my life become more meaningful.  
You make the discussions interesting and you try to motivate your students to become better.  
Thank you so much for supporting me continuously even after our memory program.
I deeply appreciate your help and kindness.  You are truly an inspiring teacher and friend.
I am so glad and honored to have you as my coach. 😀
~ Mai Tường Vân, Vietnamese Celebrity, Book Author

I am very thankful that I was able to be under the ABD Memory Training Center. Before the program, I really had the desire to hone my skills and techniques in memory. I was willing to explore all avenues just to get a little bit better at memorizing. However, I would like to say that this program did not make me “a little bit better.” It made me SO MUCH BETTER.
I find it astounding as to how I was able to sharpen my mind in various disciplines at a fast rate, which just goes to show how the word “accelerated” in ABD is not just a simple connotation. It actually lives up to its name. This was all possible through Coach AB. She was a very great mentor, focusing on each student’s strengths and weaknesses while maintaining the state of being a professional. Truly, she is an exceptional coach who could make each and every one of her students grow in the field of memory.
~ Enzo Gabriel Castillon,
Grandmaster of Memory, Ateneo – Full Scholar

I started my memory training last summer and coach AB is the one who taught the principles of memorization. She is a good and patient teacher to her students. I can say that her way of teaching is effective because I am a product of her expertise. I never thought that I could win the second place in the (National Memory Championship) competition that was held last summer which was only one month after I was introduced into this kind of thing. Not only that, I could also apply her teachings in my studies which greatly helped me to achieve good grades.
~ Robert Bryan Yee,
BS Chemistry student, UST

I am very pleased with the lessons and thank you for your patience.
~ Ruby Lopez,
Business Woman, Senior Citizen

Just finished additional knowledge to improve my memory. Very educational & most effective to students who need to memorize long sentences, paragraphic statements, speech, math formulas, et al. Being in my golden year, the exercises you gave enhanced my ability, that I can still match those College Eng’g. Students in solving math, algebra, calculus, chemical formulas, chemical reactions, etc.
~ Engr. Carmen Policarpio,
Vassar Industries Inc.

One of the best decisions we have made this year was to enroll our daughter, Chloe to Coach AB’s Summer Training. Just a little over two months of training under the mentorship of Coach AB, Chloe already achieved so much beyond our expectations. Competing for the first time in Memory Sports, in the recently concluded 5th Philippine International Open Memory Championship held last June 30-July 1, Chloe made a lot of surprising results. She won 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals & 2 bronze medals making her the Overall Champion in Kids Division. She already making her name in the Memory Sports competition in the Kids Division despite having training for only a little over two months.
This is all because of the proven training methodology given by ABD Memory Training Center. We owe everything to them. Without their unrelenting guidance and persevere teachings, Chloe will not be able to achieve what she had achieved so far.
~ Carlito Galamgam Jr.
(Father of Chloe Galamgam, Miriam College)

It’s a great honor to be part of ABD Team. Were so amaze on our players on how they memorized all those thing in just a second & a minute.May you continue your advocacy to teach more people to enhance their capabilities as well as the discipline to focus their goals.It will be a new chapter of my son life beacuse he is very much willing to train again.. More power ABD team..We will support all the way to the top.Thank you and god bless us all.
~ Ellen Simbol
(Mother of Adriel Simbol, Bobby and Kates Academy)

Worth the investment. Everyone should give this a try. It’s amazing how the brain progress with just a few sessions. Thank you, Coach AB, for helping Dieux unleash his brain’s potential.
He’s grown more confident.
~ Jan Llanza
(Mother of Dieux Llanza, Philippine Science High School)

Through the training with Coach AB, I was able to utilize the Memory Techniques in my studies. For example:
I was able to memorize all the “kabanata” of Noli Me Tangere 1-63
-I was able to memorize the needed formula in science from 23 individual formulas. I was able to only make it 14 combined formulas.
~ Patrick Sandoval Permitez,
Pasig Catholic College

Improving memory is not just possible, but also fun. Coach AB works professionally, and at the same time she has personal touch. She knows her stuff really well, and very capable of imparting it to others. She is also willing to extend extra help whenever necessary. She is an encourager, and loves to see others shine. She also included topics that are useful in life.
~ Rose Anne Mendoza,

At first, I thought it was very difficult to boost memory skills for people beyond their teens as their physical and cognitive aspect have reached its final maturity making it difficult to alter for more improvement. I was wrong. It is not very difficult to boost memory skills when one has the opportunity for a proper training and mentoring.
~ Rovil Pagtalunan,
Doctor of Medicine, Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation

Initially, when I watched those who memorized a couple of words or numbers in five minutes, I was like: “Omg is that even possible? How could they do that?”. But after Coach AB introduced to me this memory thing, I figured out that it wasn’t impossible at all! Thank you sooo much coach!
You let me experience so many amazing things!
~ Pamela Rose Pangilinan,
Valedictorian, Children of Mary Immaculate College

I’m so proud to become one of your students. Your memory trainings were really effective!!! My academic performance gradually improved as I apply the different memory techniques. Truly, you are taking your memory trainings into the next level! Keep it up & make more minds sharper!
~ Rhojani Nasiad,
High School student, St. Scholastica’s Academy

Yes, the training certainly helped me to improve my memory which raised my academics and even gave me the chance to compete and place. But what I appreciate most is the thought they instilled in us that “We Can”. Continue to empower more minds and inspire more students!
~ Mikhaila Paraiso,
Accountancy Student, FEU

I am truly fortunate to have met Ms. AB and be the coach of my kids. They just started their memory workshop only last summer and whoooaaa!!! My kids are really performing very well now both in academics and in sports. Thanking you for sharing your talent and looking forward again to have workshops with you soon.
~ Madel Puno-Gavillanes,
mother of 2 kids enrolled at ABD

I recently attended the 1-day Intense Memory Enhancement Training Workshop at ABD Training Center last August 24th. I was apprehensive at first in attending but I am so happy that I did! The price is worth more than your money! All the lessons are something that I could carry for a lifetime. Plus, Coach AB, is a well-trained memory athlete and known for competing around the world! Her story is so inspiring! She is definitely approachable and her job doesn’t end after the session. She is very happy to accommodate all of my questions even after attending the 1-day module. I am looking forward to another learning experience at ABD! I would definitely recommend everyone to learn memory training with Coach AB!
~ Vanessa Bonilla, Registered Nurse

The talk about the memory enhancement program and memory sports was really fun and it made the audience interested in knowing much more about the field. Thank you Ms. Bonita for sharing your knowledge to my fellow Iskolar ng Bayan because I know that the knowledge you’ve shared will surely make a difference to our learning styles and habits. We have realized, after the talk, that our memory just needs to be trained to be more productive.
~ Vincent Villacorta,
Science and Mathematics Major, University of the Philippines

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