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The BRAIN Republic’s


  • Includes Training Worksheets / Certificate of Completion / plus Special Consultations
  • Includes Diagnostic Exams and Post Test to be given to participants to gauge their
    initial memory state and progress after taking the course.
  • Includes Group discussions, creative visualization exercises and activities for multi-sensory processing.

MODULE 1 :  For Education, Board Exams, Work Productivity or Daily Life Improvement

 TARGET: Suggested for Students, Board Exam Takers, Employees, Professionals and even Senior Citizens who want to boost their Overall Performance at Work, School and other areas.

Other Benefits:

  • Those who will finish the training course may advance to Module 2 and have the chance to be a member of the Philippine Memory Team and compete in National and International Mind Sports competitions.

MODULE 2: For Memory Sports (Unlocking the Genius Inside You)

TARGET: Be a MEMORY ATHLETE and Learn how to LITERALLY memorize hundreds or even thousands of information such as words, numbers, names and faces, binary digits, shuffled deck of cards and many more.

Other Benefits:

  • Memory Athletes who compete locally and internationally get additional Extra Curricular Activity points in their respective schools.
  • Get a chance to be an Official Philippine Delegate in Local and International Memory Sports competitions.
  • Have an opportunity to be interviewed or featured in local and foreign television shows.
  • Students and their parents may have the chance to acquire visas from countries where Memory Championships are held.  That includes U.S.A., United Kingdom and other Asian & European Countries which are considered as tough places to get an approved travel visa.

OTHER PROGRAMS (More courses to be added soon)

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