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Memory Athlete and Coach, AB Bonita, featured in Voice Asia News

Starting the year with a bang! 🎉

Coach AB Bonita from the Philippines was featured in VOICE ASIA NEWS! 🇵🇭 ^_^ Woohoooo! 😀

An article about The Brain Republic’s founder was published under their EDUCATION and INSPIRATION column with Coach AB’s advocacy and journey to Memory Sports and Mind Empowerment! 🧠

It just feels overwhelming when people from other nations start to recognize your efforts and your craft as well. ❤

You can read the full article here at the link below: ^_^

Article Title:
AB Bonita: Memory Athlete with aim to empower minds

The Benefits of Training Spoken Words with Coach AB Bonita

The New Episode of The Craft of Memory featuring Coach AB Bonita, hosted by Ron Johnson, is now up on Spotify! 😊#MemorySports #Philippines #MindEmpowerment

Former guests of the show include the following world-renowned International Memory Athletes and Champions: Nelson Dellis (USA), Katie Kermode (United Kingdom), Don Michael Vickers (Canada), and many more.

Tune in as they talk about Memory Sports, training tips, and techniques for students and aspiring athletes.

You can listen to it at the link below, or just click the play button:

Coach AB Bonita featured in an International news

After her successful international Memory Improvement webinar organized by the OFFW Online, Coach AB Bonita was featured at The Global Filipino Magazine. Read the article below:


Does multi-tasking really work?

By TGFM Date Published: June 28, 2021


Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), especially those who have adjusted to the work culture in this expat city, have become accustomed to multi-tasking to get as many workloads done as possible.

But does it really work?

Anne Bernadette D. Bonita, an expert in memory improvement who has represented the Philippines in various memory sports competitions, thinks otherwise. She actually recommends not to do it.

“Avoid multitasking,” Bonita said. “Focusing on one thing at a time actually makes you more efficient. When you try to do several tasks at the same time, it prevents you from concentrating well on each task. This can result to making mistakes or errors along the way,” she further explained.

Bonita, who recently gave a lecture entitled, “Sharpen Your Memory: Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Potential” at the ongoing 45-minute free Zoom weekly live stream series dubbed, “Opportunity for Filipino Workers” (OFF Workers), said one instead needs to be focused on the task at hand and do it one at a time

Meantime, most OFWs also plan for early retirement.

To this end, Bonita, president of the Philippine Mind Sports Association and Founder of The Brain Republic Inc., advised that they keep their mind working even while on retirement – solving crossword puzzles can help, she said.  

“Do not dream of early retirement, where you will just completely relax for the most part of your day,” Bonita said.

“It can actually be counterproductive and may cause immediate mental deterioration.  You can train your brain by exercising it just like any other muscle in your body. 

“Older people can keep their mind healthier by doing physical exercises, engaging in business or activities that will require them to think or analyze, or even by solving puzzles or brain games.  In giving it extra protection, just remember the saying ‘Use it or Lose it,’” she said.


Coach AB Bonita Amazes the crowd with her Extreme Superhuman Memory

Coach Anne Bernadette “AB” Bonita of The Brain Republic Wows the audience, judges, and hosts of Showtime’s new segment, VERSUS. The segment showcases different talents of the challengers.

The moniker giver to her by the show is Single Belle. Coach AB Bonita’s jaw-dropping performance gave the viewers goosebumps as she memorized the numbers just by listening to it, and even performed some mathematical equations at the end.

Ms. Bonita was also the only female challenger who qualified in her batch.

Watch the video below:

Feedback from the Host and Judges to Coach AB

Vice Ganda: “Ate kanina natutuwa ako, pero ngayon natatakot na ko. Bakit ka ganyan? Alam mo Talent Contest to eh… POWERS yung meron ka.” ^_^

Judge Jerald Napoles: “Grabeh! Ate Congratulations! Natupad mo yung pangarap ko last week na sana makakita ako ng isang talento na hindi ako patutulugin or iisipin ko manlang bago ako matulog. Sobrang galing! Sobrang Kakaiba! May pagka-Superhuman ang dating… Meron kang talong “R” para sa akin. 1) Relax – relax na relax ka mula umpisa hanggang matapos ka ; 2) Ready – wala kang pakialam kung sino ang makakalaban mo ; 3) Rigorous – dahil extremely accurate ka!” 😀

Judge Roxanne Guinoo: “Bagay na bagay sayo yung Belle, kasi para ka talagang kampana, niyanig mo kaming lahat sa galing mo! Grabe, extreme yang talent mo. Maganda yung confidence mo kanina, totoo eh. May karapatan ka talagang manghamon… ang galing, ang galing mo ate!” ❤

Judge Kim Chu: “Ate, nilaro mo kami sa numbers. Kaya naman Numero Uno ang ipinakita mong talento sa amin today. Bonggang-bongga. As in shock na shock kami! Ang ganda ng pinakita mo, na-amaze kaming lahat, napanganga kami, ngayon naisara na namin. At nasabi naming THAT WAS AMAZING!” ^_^

Gregg Shorthand (Steno) Private Online Course


The Gregg Shorthand is one of the most valuable subjects you will ever learn. It is the most efficient, it’s also thought to be the easiest to learn, use and read.

This course addresses the newest version of Gregg Shorthand, which is the Centennial Edition “Simplified”. You’ll find that by learning the system of shorthand your work will become much easier and the knowledge you have obtained will give you valuable access to numerous positions in the business world.


Time Requirement: (Options)

  • Once or Twice a Week / 2 hours per session
  • Thrice a Week / 1 hour per session

Time: Can be discussed. It depends on the availability of both the teacher and student

Schedule Availability (as of April 2021)

–> Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Morning Session: 8 am to 11 am (GMT +8)
Evening Session: 7 pm to 11 pm (GMT +8)
(Philippine Time)


By successfully completing the course, students will be able to:

  1. Recognize word beginnings and endings to speed up writing,
  2. Describe methods for developing shorthand skills,
  3. Demonstrate basic writing using shorthand, and
  4. Demonstrate mastery of the lesson content at 70% or higher.


$10 USD per hour

Program #1: 15 hours of Intensive Training = $ 150 USD
(Learn how to write the different letters and words quickly by listening to sounds)

Program #2: 25 hours (Get a $15 USD Discount Voucher) = $235 USD
(Includes learning how to write phrases/sentences)

Program #3: 35 hours (Get a $30 USD Discount Voucher) = $320 USD
(Includes Dictation Speed Building, Transcription Skill Development, Related Numbers in a Sentence)

Payment options: via Paypal or Online Bank Transfer

Paypal email:

Send the following details:
Contact #:
Preferred Day/s and Time:
Course (for Students) / Field of Work (For working Adults)
Facebook Name:

Take a photo or screenshot of your Receipt or Transaction Details and email to

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Understanding Your Brain & Memory Improvement Webinar

Understanding Your Brain:
A Webinar on How to BOOST your MEMORY and ACCELERATE your LEARNING

June 24, 2020 | Wednesday | 8pm to 9:30pm

Introduction to Memory Training


  • Know the Importance of Having a Good Memory during this COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Learn Techniques on How to Improve your ability to Remember
  • Ask Questions about the Memory Problems you commonly experience

COACH AB BONITA, International Memory Improvement Expert
President, Philippine Mind Sports Association
Owner and Founder, The Brain Republic

Need help with your Memory Problems?

Want to Excel in School, or Boost your Performance at Work, or Business?

Join our Intense Memory Impro

#MemoryImprovementTraining #SharperMemory

The Brain Republic Students featured at Bandila

This is the 1st and 2nd part of the video aired in ABS-CBN’s Bandila Xtra Program featuring the Philippine Memory Team lead by the country’s Top Memory Improvement Trainer, Coach AB Bonita. She is joined by the following PH Memory Athletes who competed at the Asia Open Memory Championship 2019, held at Bali Indonesia:

  1. Chloe Andrea Galamgam
  2. Charles Andrei Galamgam
  3. Adriel Simbol
  4. Jay Matthew Ganzan
  5. Katrina Camille Que.

Enter the Mind of Memory Athletes as Coach AB explains how to memorize words easily using the Memory Palace. #SharperMemory #MemorySports



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AB Bonita – Memory Improvement Expert

Get to know the leading Memory Improvement Expert in the Philippines and the Owner and Founder of The Brain Republic Inc.

AB Bonita is a former Memory Athlete who represented the Philippines in Local and International Memory Sports Competitions.

She Propagated Memory Sports in the country by promoting awareness about mind empowerment through memory sports and brought it to a broader audience. Her team of memory coaches catered different age groups from kids to senior citizens, so that no one will be left behind. She is now an International Memory Enhancement Speaker and World Class Mind Sports Coach. She has been a Producer of Memory Champions not just in the Philippines, but in other countries as well. She and her students have also appeared more than 30 times in Local and International television shows.

Coach AB Bonita, President of the Philippine Mind Sports Association and Founder of The Brain Republic Inc. has produced several class Valedictorians, Academic Excellence Awardees and Board Exam Passers.  Moreover, she has conducted Seminars/Workshops across the globe and has coached several professionals such as Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Managers, Supervisors, Deans, Businessmen, Celebrities, High-Profile Politicians, Owners of multi-million peso companies, and children/grandchildren of our country’s Business Tycoons.


Anne Bernadette D. Bonita
Coach AB Bonita

  • President, Philippine Mind Sports Association Inc.
  • Owner and Founder, The Brain Republic Inc.
  • International Memory Athlete and National Head Coach of the Philippine Memory Team
  • National Record Holder, 5-minute Names and Faces Event (Year 2013, Achieved in Hong Kong)
  • Senior Consultant, Grand Smart Holding Corporation

  • The Official Representative of the Philippines who has worked with the World Memory Sports Council, International Association of Memory, Global Alliance of Memory Athletics, and Asia Memory Sports Alliance. She was given the license to hold and regulate Memory Sports Championships & other activities in PH.
  • Top Level International Memory Sports Arbiter
  • Among the Official Philippine Representatives who competed in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, and twice in the World Memory Championships held in China and London, United Kingdom.
  • A Dynamic and Motivational Resource Speaker to various schools, companies, and events.
  • Coached Jamyla Lambunao, the Pinoy Whiz kid and World Record Holder who was the Overall Kids Champion at the Hong Kong Memory Championship 2013, Undefeated Overall Juniors Champion at the Philippine International Championships from 2014 to 2018, who has broken 3 Kids World Records, brought home 10 medals from the World Memory Championship 2013 in London, UK and Overall Champion at the Asian Open Memory Championship 2018.
  • Produced the Philippines’ Youngest International and Grandmaster of Memory ages 13 and 16, respectively who has competed with the World’s brightest minds.
  • A Walking Human Calendar (Memorized the entire Gregorian Calendar from year 1582 to 9999)
  • Gold Medalist (Names and Faces), Thailand International Memory Championships 2012
  • Won 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals, 1st National Memory Championship 2013, Philippines
  • Won 1 Gold Medal Position, 1st Hong Kong Open Memory Championship 2013
  • Won 2 Gold Medal Positions (Individual), Tokyo Friendly Memory Championship 2014, Japan
  • 2nd Place (Team Category), Tokyo Friendly Memory Championship 2014, Japan
  • Senior Managing Arbiter
    • Asia Memory Championship 2015 – Hong Kong
    • Taiwan Open Memory Championship 2015 – Taiwan
    • World Memory Championship 2015 & 2016 – China & Singapore respectively
    • Korea Open Memory Championship 2017 – South Korea
    • World Memory Championship 2017 – Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Asia Memory Championship 2018 – Bali, Indonesia
    • 1st International Online Memory Championship 2022
  • Team Delegation Head and Coach (includes but not limited to the following)
    • Taiwan Open Memory Championship 2015 (PH Team brought home a total of 27 medals)
    • Hong Kong Open Memory Champs 2016 (Won 7 medals against 123 memory athletes)
    • World Memory Championship 2016 –Singapore (Won 5 medals – 1 Gold, 2 Silvers & 1 Bronze)
    • Indonesia Open Memory Championship 2018 – OVERALL Champion
    • 1st International Online Memory Championship 2021 – Kids Champion with multiple medals from several Philippine Students

Other Accomplishments and Activities:

  • CHIEF ORGANIZER, Philippine International Memory Championships since 2014, from 1st to Present (2021)
  • MEDIA APPEARANCES – Coach AB Bonita and her students has appeared and been featured in various Printed Articles, National Radio & Television Programs , which includes but not limited to the following:
    • The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Mirror, Manila Standard Today, Bandila, 24 Oras, Little Big Shots Philippines and Vietnam, Umagang Kay Ganda, Matanglawin, Sports Pilipinas, Philippine Book of Records, Investigative Documentaries, Mata ng Agila,  DWIZ 97.9 Radio,  Radio Veritas, DZEC Radyo Agila, DZRB Radyo ng Bayan, CNN Philippines, Studio 23’s TalkActive, GMA News TV, Rated K,, Net25 , Solar News Channel, UNTV Good Morning Kuya, PTV 4 Sports and Super Brain Vietnam
  • Was specially given a citation in Philippine Congress thru the House Resolution No. 2606 dated July 31, 2012 congratulating and commending the Philippine Memory Team for winning at the Thailand International Open Memory Championship
  • Has conducted memory skills demonstration, talks, seminars and workshops advocating Accelerated Learning through Memory Enhancement Techniques, which includes but not limited to the following venues and events:

  • 1. Advance Memory Enhancement Seminar for Executives and Professionals
    •  A. P. Moller – Maersk Group (a worldwide shipping, oil and gas company)
    • Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT)
    • Ateneo Graduate School of Business
    • AVESCO Marketing Corporation B.A.S.E. Office, Quezon City
    • Memory Seminar for Law and Medical students
    • Enchanted Kingdom, Laguna – Guest Speaker, World Teachers’ Day celebration
    • Medical Technologists Regional Congress 2017 – Guest Speaker – South Cotabato
    • Megasoft Hygienic Products Inc.
    • A department in the Office of the President
    • International Memory Enhancement Seminar held in BALI, INDONESIA
      and NEW YORK, USA + Online Classes, and Webinars to other international territories
  • 2. Intense Memory Enhancement Workshop with students from the following schools 
    • Ateneo University, De La Salle University,   Xavier School
    • University of the Philippines, Diliman – College of Science & Mathematics Majors  Advocating Responsible Teaching, College of Law
    • University of Santo Tomas, Manila – College of Rehabilitation Sciences
    • Far Eastern University, 
    • Fatima University,  St. Luke’s College of Medicine
    • Notre Dame of Marbel University, Koronadal City – MedTech Week
    • Diliman Preparatory School, St. Scholastica’s Academy, Our Lady of Guadalupe College
    • St. Joseph School of Lawang Bato, Words of Wisdom Christian Academy
    • Children Learning Center – Antipolo

… and many more

Watch Coach AB Bonita’s Memory Skills Demo below as she amazes the audience with her Incredible Memory: