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Improve your Memory, Improve your Life!
Learn Fast, Earn Fast!

Nagiging makakalimutin ka na ba o ang iyong anak? (Are you or your child getting forgetful?)

Are you getting stressed about the online school year adjustments?

Are you worried if your children are able to cope up with their modules and schoolworks?

How about you? Are you getting Absentminded lately?

Do you sometimes forget where you put your Keys, Phone or Wallet?

Do you sometimes miss important events, lessons or speeches?

Do you often forget the names and faces of people you just newly met?


You will soon find out how to avoid these embarrassing scenarios.

Give yourself or your loved ones a GIFT of having a
Sharper Memory!

Learn a New Skill that will make you
stand out among the rest!

Join our Intense MEMORY Enhancement Workshop!

Click the video below to watch and hear the feedback of one of our students, Mr. Ramon Tulfo.

Feedback: Si Ms. AB Bonita. Memory teacher ko yun. Aba, magaling na teacher yan! Kung minsan di ba, dahil sa “kabataan”… dahil bumabata tayo, eh [nagkakaroon tayo ng] failing memory.  Ang ginagawa nitong si AB Bonita, ini-stimulate nya yung brain mo.  Talagang pinag-iisip ka.  Ngayon matalas na ang [memory ko]. Madali na akong [makaalala]. Noong araw, hindi ako maka-remember kung minsan ng mga pangalan.”

Translation: Ms. AB Bonita is my Memory teacher. She’s a really good teacher! Sometimes, because of age, we experience a failing memory. What AB Bonita does is that she stimulate your brain. She really makes you think. Now, my memory is sharper. I can remember faster. Before, I often fail to remember names.

– Ramon TulfoMedia Personality, Columnist, 74 yrs. old, Senior Citizen

MODULE 1 :  For Education, Board Exams, Work Productivity,
Business or Daily Life Improvement

*Beginner Level

This Program is suggested for Students, Board Exam Takers, Employees, Professionals and even Seniors who want to boost their Overall Performance at Work, School, Business and other areas.

MODULE 2 :  For Memory Sports (Unlocking the Genius Inside You)

This Program is suggested for those who wants explore and maximize their brain power more. If you are interested to become a MEMORY ATHLETE and learn how to LITERALLY memorize hundreds or even thousands of information such as words, numbers, names and faces, binary digits, shuffled deck of cards and many more, this is for you.


  • Common Problems why People Forget
  • Golden Key points and Techniques to Gain a Sharp Memory
  • Art of Memory and the Principles of Accelerated Learning


  • Convert information from short term memory to long term memory
  • Accelerate Learning and Shorten Study Hours
  • Memorize random words perfectly in order
  • Give Speeches and Presentations without notes
  • Remember the Names and Faces of people you meet easily
  • Instantly recall important Numbers, Facts and Figures
  • Reduce stress caused by fear of forgetting important information.
  • Build a powerful memory to help you remember enormous amount of information about your Work, Daily Tasks, Products, Colleagues and Clients.
  • Remember Lists and Appointments easily
  • Solve the common problems why people forget
  • Maximize the use of the Secret Memory Techniques and Methods to Gain a Sharper Mind
    …and many more!

Here’s more of what our students
and parents have to say:


The Brain Republic’s TEAM OF COACHES has produced several class Valedictorians, Academic Excellence Awardees, Board Exam Passers and International Memory Champions.

Led by The Brain Republic – Canada’s CEO, Madellene Andrukow,

and Coach AB Bonita, Head Instructor and President of the Philippine Mind Sports Association,
we have conducted Memory Enhancement Seminars/Workshops across the globe.

The Team has coached several professionals such as Lawyers,
Doctors, Engineers, Managers, Supervisors, Deans, Businessmen,
Well-known Media Personalities, High-Profile Government Officials, Owners of multi-million-peso companies, and children/grandchildren of our country’s Business Tycoons.

Read more about the head instructor at this link >> Coach AB Bonita’s Profile

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click the right arrow to see the next pictures of TBR Achievers)

The BRAIN Republic’s


  • Includes Training Worksheets / Certificate of Completion
  • Includes Diagnostic Exams and Post Test to be given to participants to gauge their
    initial memory state and progress after taking the course.
  • Includes creative visualization exercises and activities for multi-sensory processing.
  • Live Webinar by the National Team Head Coach and Founder of The Brain Republic
  • Dedicated assistant coaches to help you during classes and attend to your concerns


  • Laptop or Desktop Computer and a silent room (for the online video conference)
  • Mobile Phone (will be used to take photos of Answer Sheets / Exercises after the discussions).
  • Earphones/Headset, webcam. Having a printer is a plus.
  • Facebook and Zoom Account (download Zoom on your computer)
  • Training Sessions will be conducted via Zoom. Lessons are in PowerPoint and Worksheets for each session will be sent a day before each meeting.


The Brain Republic Students
with Coach AB Bonita featured on Television

Coach AB Bonita at “It’s Showtime”, a famous TV show in the Philippines, as she amazes everyone with her incredible memory. *She was given the nickname Single Bell during the show. During the show, she was asked to remember random numbers from the audience, on-the-spot, via LIVE television broadcast.

ALTERNATE LINK of the video without the English Subtitle:


Total of 8 sessions / 2 hrs per session / Once or Twice a week depending on schedule availability or Lesson’s level of difficulty

Private Online Sessions (1-on-1)

> Regular Training Fee per Module:
Kids/Teens: $2,000 Canadian dollars
Adults/Seniors: $2,500 Canadian dollars

morning session: 8am – 10am / 9am – 11am
evening session: 6pm to 8 pm / 8:30pm – 10:30pm / 9pm – 11pm

✅ For Private classes, Lessons can be customized to fit the specific needs of the student/s.

✅ Schedule and Time Slot may be modified each week depending on the availability of the student and instructor. Weekends Philippine Time is fully booked. We can still accommodate weekday schedule. Send us an email ahead to check if your target schedule is still available, or let us know your vacant scheds so that we can match it with our time.

✅ Early morning and late-night classes can also be accommodated. (for those in different time zones)

✅ In case the student will have a conflict with a certain day, just inform the coach ahead so the meeting can be moved to another day.

✅ Language during PRIVATE classes can be customized as well. Options: English, Filipino, Taglish

✅ Private Classes are personally handled by the school owner, Coach AB Bonita.

Mode of payment: Cash or 2 Installments

 For Installment:
–  1st payment before the 1st meeting; 
 –  2nd half of payment on or before the 5th meeting.


TD Canada Trust Bank

Acct. Name: Madellene B. Andrukow

Transit No. 97020

Inst. No. 004

Account No. 6451945

*Scan, take a photo or screenshot of your receipt and email to

*Upon Payment, go back to this page and click the button below to Register and Save your slot.

The Brain Republic Students at Rated K with Korina Sanchez-Roxas

More videos at this Link >> Amazing Memory Videos of TBR students

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