International Memory Improvement Seminar

This is what you have long been waiting for! 😀 Join our International Memory Enhancement Seminar on the 4th of October, 2:30pm to 5pm at Telkomsel Smart Office, Bali, Indonesia. 😀

Spread it to your friends in Bali. Take advantage of the discounted rate with several Top Notch Memory Improvement Speakers across the Globe. 😀 Various topics will be discussed on how a person can develop a sharper mind and boost his/her performance at school or work through the use of Memory Techniques. ☺

The seminar will take place a day before the Asia Open Memory Championship on October 5-6, 2019. 🙂  Mr. Yudi Lesmana, President of Indonesia Memory Sports Council, is the host of this year’s event.

The Brain Republic’s very own Coach Anne Bernadette “AB” Bonita was invited to be among the 8 Speakers from 7 different countries.  She is also the only female in the group of World Class Memory Athletes and Speakers, who will be sharing their knowledge on how a person can use his/her brain more efficiently.

Coach AB Bonita is currently the Head Coach of the Philippine Memory Team and is considered as the No. 1 Memory Enhancement coach in the country. She is lined up among the experts in the field of Memory Improvement across the globe.

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