Gregg Shorthand (Steno) Private Online Course


The Gregg Shorthand is one of the most valuable subjects you will ever learn. It is the most efficient, it’s also thought to be the easiest to learn, use and read.

This course addresses the newest version of Gregg Shorthand, which is the Centennial Edition “Simplified”. You’ll find that by learning the system of shorthand your work will become much easier and the knowledge you have obtained will give you valuable access to numerous positions in the business world.


Time Requirement: (Options)

  • Once or Twice a Week / 2 hours per session
  • Thrice a Week / 1 hour per session

Time: Can be discussed. It depends on the availability of both the teacher and student

Schedule Availability (as of April 2021)

–> Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Morning Session: 8 am to 11 am (GMT +8)
Evening Session: 7 pm to 11 pm (GMT +8)
(Philippine Time)


By successfully completing the course, students will be able to:

  1. Recognize word beginnings and endings to speed up writing,
  2. Describe methods for developing shorthand skills,
  3. Demonstrate basic writing using shorthand, and
  4. Demonstrate mastery of the lesson content at 70% or higher.


$10 USD per hour

Program #1: 15 hours of Intensive Training = $ 150 USD
(Learn how to write the different letters and words quickly by listening to sounds)

Program #2: 25 hours (Get a $15 USD Discount Voucher) = $235 USD
(Includes learning how to write phrases/sentences)

Program #3: 35 hours (Get a $30 USD Discount Voucher) = $320 USD
(Includes Dictation Speed Building, Transcription Skill Development, Related Numbers in a Sentence)

Payment options: via Paypal or Online Bank Transfer

Paypal email:

Send the following details:
Contact #:
Preferred Day/s and Time:
Course (for Students) / Field of Work (For working Adults)
Facebook Name:

Take a photo or screenshot of your Receipt or Transaction Details and email to

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