Memory Games Documentary on NETFLIX!

5 More Days to go before MEMORY GAMES is aired on Netflix! 😊 #June19 Don’t miss it!

Catch our Awesome Memory Friends (the Lead Characters) in their Journey to Memory Sports. MEMORY GAMES is a Documentary giving an exciting overview into the lives of four athletes from the United States, Germany and Mongolia as they compete for the title of World Memory Champion. Yanjaa Wintersoul of Mongolia, Nelson Dellis of USA, Simon Reinhard and Johannes Mallow of Germany will be featured on the Film.

Memory Games was filmed in six countries including the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Mongolia and Nepal. It was directed by Emmy Award winning director Janet Tobias.

We have witnessed some of their taping days since it took place during International and World Memory Championships that the Philippine Team participated. Friends, this is really Mindblowing! 😀

Watch as they introduce you how Memory Sport is played, the effects of a Trained Memory in their day to day life, and how they break the limits of human brain using the Memory Systems that we use. ❤😊

#MemorySports #MindGames

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